We have just begun to navigate a strange region; we must expect to encounter strange adventures, strange perils.

― Arthur Machen, The Terror


There are infinite plains of existence that overlap one-another, and travelling between them is distance-less. There are, in fact, wormholes wherein certain realities converge, and crossing over into a separate realm of existence is an entirely feasible possibility. It is through these wormholes that the conjuration of deities, some said to be older than time itself, has been prominent with sorcerers and occultists for centuries. However, in recent years these practices have ceased almost entirely, save for the elite few; for prolonged exposure to such magic will undoubtedly corrupt the user’s rational perception of their own reality, subsequently inducing madness on even the greatest minds. What lies herein are tales of darkness compiled from various scriptures, some ancient, others modern, unearthed by those zealous few whom wish upon themselves the knowledge of death and what awaits them beyond the realm of the living.